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Just a Penguin provide services for users of Apple's iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV.

  The common term for modifying an iPhone is jail-breaking, with a particular emphasis on the second part of that term. That’s why we strongly, almost emphatically, recommend that you do not do so. Really.   

But it is fun, so why not!

An iOS 8 jailbreak for 8.0 to 8.1.2 has been released by the TaiG Team. Download it here!

You can now sign up for a Just a Penguin account! This allows you to receive notifications for new firmwares, versions of iTunes, redsn0w, PwnageTool and iH8sn0w's products, as well as being notified when there is a change in the SHSH signing window.

Firmware Links

Latest release: iOS 8.2 (12D508) on 09/03/15

View information about the latest versions of Apple's iOS firmware and receive push notifications when new versions are released.

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Latest tutorial

Compile iDeviceRestore on Linux

This is a guide to compiling iDeviceRestore by @p0sixninja on debian linux. It has been tested on Ubuntu 12.04 (and even the raspberry pi on raspbian!) and is working.

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Latest blog post

A look back on 2014

Stats and other cool stuffs from Just a Penguin in 2014.

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